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Hiatus Extended

Hey all, just coming to you all with a heads up to let you all know that the hiatus is gonna be extended to July. Why July u may ask? B/c apparently i underestimated how much time and work is needed in publishing a friggin comic book. and not only that but after i was about 90% I've now come across a snag in which now i'll basically have to do the ENTIRE THING ALL OVER AGAIN..so..yay. And on top of that Im just now getting back in the country as well and for the next full crescent chapter I plan for it to be a little longer than normal. So when FC does come back, u guys will actually have the ability to buy Volume 1 for and hold it gently in your hands like a newborn baby and also get to read chapter 12 in all of its awesome glory. So hang tight guys and again thanks for being patient with me. I plan to release the next chapter probably mid-late July, dont have a definitive date just yet but when I get it you know i'll let you all know.

posted by Jzoner81 @ May 24th, 2017, 9:24 pm  -  0 Comments

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