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Hey guys. Let me first start off by saying thank you for all the support and your patience with Full Crescent at this time. When i first came off my hiatus a few months ago I had plans to release FC as a bi-weekly comic with regular updates. Unfortunately that plan was altered by A LOT. Since this year has started my personal life has thrown alot of things at me that required me to be away from my equipment for long periods of time, literally it was something EVERY SINGLE MONTH OF THE YEAR so far. And of course with me being about from my equipment means I get behind, me getting behind means delays and delays end with me crying in the corner in the fetal position (#jokingnotjoking). And in a few weeks I'm actually gonna be out of the country for about a week and before I go i have a A+ certification exam i must study for and complete, all while still adulting and working a 40+hr work week at my job, soooooooo needless to say my time is going to be shop. BUT! after i return from me being away from 'merica, my schedule for upcoming events is NILL, which means i'll actually have time to do regular updates! (woot) So all in all, yes my dears, I am now officially on hiatus, and will be so until June 9th. HOWEVER in the meantime I will still be very much working on a myriad of FC things, including Volume 1 of the series, and poooooosible changes with the website and much more. So again, thank you all for being patient and understanding and FC will see you again June 9th. :)

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